Women and Hemophilia B

Women and girls can—and do—have hemophilia B.

Medexus Pharma worked with women who have hemophilia B to create a guide that focuses on how this condition affects women, girls, and their families. Download the guide today.

Facts about women who carry the gene for hemophilia B:

57% have heavy periods vs 9%-14% of the general population6

Twice the risk of prolonged bleeding from small wounds vs non-carriers7

21% reported spontaneous bleeding after trauma (small wounds) vs 9% of non-carriers7

With help from this guide, you can feel confident talking about your symptoms with your doctor or nurse.
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References: 6. All About Carriers: A Guide for Carriers of Hemophilia A and B. Canadian Hemophilia Society. May 2007. 7. Plug I, Mauser-Bunschoten EP, Bröcker-Vriends AHJT, et al. Bleeding in carriers of hemophilia. Blood. 2006;108(1):52-56.

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