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Regional Sales Director (East)

Orson Lovelace

“As someone who has faced medical challenges, I see life, success, and relationships a little differently. I know that a condition does not have to steal someone’s future.”

Contact Orson: 336-848-8749 or

Regional Sales Director (West)

Janet Pohlod

“I am excited to be supporting the Bleeding Disorders Community again! I have always been inspired by their resilience and their ability to overcome obstacles and thrive! The commitment of the patient, the family, and the medical team to work in unison is truly remarkable.”

Contact Janet: 206-465-3923 or

Senior Director, Marketing and Patient Experience

Grant Belsham

“Every day I am inspired by people in the bleeding disorders community – their energy, positivity, and support for each other make me proud to be part of their lives.”

Contact Grant: 215-370-9818 or

Community Experience Manager

Myles Ganley

“My own diagnosis keeps me very attached to this community as a family. I love seeing someone with a bleeding disorder accomplish something they thought they couldn’t, and I live for helping them to get there.”

Contact Myles: 208-602-0780 or

Hemophilia Territory Managers

Dave Todd

“After more than 20 years working in the bleeding disorders community, I am still inspired and motivated by the friends and families I meet everyday.”

Contact Dave: 636-542-2355 or

Hope Woodcock-Ross

“The bleeding disorders community has been my passion for over 20 years. My hope for every person and family affected by a bleeding disorder is to be educated so they can advocate for their care. Every person deserves to live their best life.”

Contact Hope: 607-222-8412 or

Ken Macomber

“As a father and husband of individuals with hemophilia, the bleeding disorders community is very close to my heart, and I’m both inspired and humbled to be a part of it. My goal is to be a trusted resource and provide the best IXperience to the community, making their tomorrow better!”

Contact Ken: 702-285-2435 or

Leo Tellez

“Many families I’ve worked with have shared stories of perseverance, challenge, and dedication. I am moved by their experiences and strive to do more to help the bleeding disorders community.”

Contact Leo: 503-314-7298 or

Michael McElhaney

“Having a family member with a life long blood disorder, I have observed first hand the impact on the patient and their loved ones. I am very excited to be on this journey with the bleeding disorders community.”

Contact Michael: 678-524-4385 or

Nora Latcovich

“I have worked with members of the bleeding disorders community for many years; they feel like my extended family. It excites me to continue building those relationships and to forge new ones.”

Contact Nora: 814-483-9588 or

Rene Lebron

“As the father of a son with a bleeding disorder, our family’s journey has been rooted in our belief that education is essential to finding the right treatment and living your best life. My passion is to help others enhance their lives and encourage them to advocate for their care.”

Contact Rene: 407-452-2031 or

Steve Calderon

“As someone with a rare blood disorder, I am honored to connect with and motivate the future leaders of my community. It is my hope to show every member of this community that they are not alone.”

Contact Steve: 214-886-4035 or