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Hemophilia Sales Director, National Sales

Orson Lovelace

“As someone who has faced medical challenges, I see life, success, and relationships a little differently. I know that a condition does not have to steal someone’s future.”

Contact Orson: 336-848-8749 or

Senior Director, Marketing and Patient Experience

Grant Belsham

“Every day I am inspired by people in the bleeding disorders community – their energy, positivity, and support for each other make me proud to be part of their lives.”

Contact Grant: 215-370-9818 or

Community Experience Manager

Myles Ganley

“My own diagnosis keeps me very attached to this community as a family. I love seeing someone with a bleeding disorder accomplish something they thought they couldn’t, and I live for helping them to get there.”

Contact Myles: 208-602-0780 or

Hemophilia Territory Managers

Dave Todd

“After more than 20 years working in the bleeding disorders community, I am still inspired and motivated by the friends and families I meet everyday.”

Contact Dave: 636-542-2355 or

Hope Woodcock-Ross

“The bleeding disorders community has been my passion for over 20 years. My hope for every person and family affected by a bleeding disorder is to be educated so they can advocate for their care. Every person deserves to live their best life.”

Contact Hope: 607-222-8412 or

Ken Macomber

“As a father and husband of individuals with hemophilia, the bleeding disorders community is very close to my heart, and I’m both inspired and humbled to be a part of it. My goal is to be a trusted resource and provide the best IXperience to the community, making their tomorrow better!”

Contact Ken: 702-285-2435 or

Michael McElhaney

“Having a family member with a life long blood disorder, I have observed first hand the impact on the patient and their loved ones. I am very excited to be on this journey with the bleeding disorders community.”

Contact Michael: 678-524-4385 or

Nora Latcovich

“I have worked with members of the bleeding disorders community for many years; they feel like my extended family. It excites me to continue building those relationships and to forge new ones.”

Contact Nora: 814-483-9588 or

Steve Calderon

“As someone with a rare blood disorder, I am honored to connect with and motivate the future leaders of my community. It is my hope to show every member of this community that they are not alone.”

Contact Steve: 214-886-4035 or