Leave No IX Behind: 1 FOR 10. ALL FOR 9s.

The people behind IXINITY [coagulation factor IX (recombinant)] have partnered with AmeriCares, a non-profit global health organization, to donate IXINITY to people with hemophilia B who can’t afford to be without it.

You can make your mark and Sign the 9 to Factor It Forward™!

It’s easy. Visit Signthe9.com where you can build your own one-of-a-kind 9. For every 9 created, we’ll make 9 IU of IXINITY available for donation. So “Sign the 9” and then share it to let people know how easy it is to donate 9 IU of IXINITY to individuals in need in the United States.


A 9 who infuses 4000 IU twice a week helps FACTOR IT FORWARD donate more than 40,000 units a year.