Custom Ancillaries

You choose which supplies you want and when you get them.

We don’t believe all patients are the same. So why should the supplies you use for your infusions be? We worked with patients to give the flexibility to choose the ancillary supplies you prefer. With IXINITY® Custom Ancillaries, you choose which supplies you get with IXINITY and how often you get them.You can choose from a variety of butterfly needles, tubing lengths, bandages, alcohol wipes, gauzes, tourniquets, and more. And we will ship them directly to you or to your Hemophilia Treatment Center.
Whatever you choose, there’s no cost to you or your doctor. In fact, we all gain as we work together to improve the hemophilia B patient IXperience and reduce waste.

To choose your custom supplies, download the IXINITY Custom Ancillaries Form and fill it out with your doctor.